WTF is a Trunk Show?

WTF is a Trunk Show?


W T F   I S   A   T R U N K   S H O W ?

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Trunk Shows can be one of two things, an introduction to a new designer or a celebration of a designers brand new collection.


Trunk Shows are special events and usually run in each location for 3 to 5 days, occasionally trunk shows will last longer however not normally more than 2 weeks. The concept? A 'trunk' of designer gowns are shipped around the globe to different bridal showrooms, allowing brides the chance to access a large collection of gowns not normally accessible, it is also more often than not that as an extra treat many events offer you the chance to interact and work with the designer themselves.


These events are very limited and always require pre bookings so if you have a designer you love or a collection that has launched and stolen your heart, drop them an email, find your nearest host and book your spot but remember you may not be able to retry the collection or gown you fall in love with as the gowns will soon be shipped to their next location. 





Collection Launches and Trunk Shows go hand in hand.


When a collection launches online the collection also reaches the bridal showrooms around the world, even if a bridal showroom chose to permanently stock the entire collection up to 6 months production time has to pass to supply the gowns. So how can you access the beautiful new collection now? Trunk Shows are your answer, they are the perfect way for brides to experience the collection first hand and for showrooms and designers to hear and respond to your interaction with the gowns.


Trunk Shows are not limited to just Collection Launches though on occasion they can also offer older gowns from previous collections however if you are after a certain gown it is always best to confirm with your chosen location that the gown you desire will defintely be there.


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As Trunk Shows are special events, gowns are available to try for a limited time only and due to this time restriction many bridal showrooms will offer an exclusive 'Trunk Show' discount.


This is great news for brides on a budget however be aware that these discounts are only live while the gowns are at the showroom. You cannot for example decide 3 months later that you want that gown with that discount as the trunk show is no longer live and the discount may no longer be valid. 


Trunk Shows are exciting events to visit and if you are a bride who trusts their gut and is prepared to act fast you could bag yourself a real treat. Do remember that discounts are subjective, not all showrooms offer them but if you are heading towards a trunk show do not be too embarrassed to ask!


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In short, Trunk Shows are recommended for brides who love the aesthetic of a certain designer, have fallen in love with a certain gown or collection, are prepared to act fast and are desiring a fresh, exciting bridal experience. Trunk Shows may not be suitable for brides who are starting out their gown search, are questioning their bridal style or wish to revisit gowns numerous times over a few months. So, if you have found yourself leaning towards multiple gowns within a certain designers collection or you have clicked with the vibe of a certain brand a Trunk Show is a truly great opportunity and experience not to be missed and who knows you could even bag yourself a discount, a goody bag or even a custom designer sketch as well as finding your dream gown... pretty amazing right! 


Where to book? Trunk Show dates are viewable on most designer or showroom websites however if you are questioning dates or you are desperate to grab a spot do not hesitate to contact the designer directly they will be more than happy to help you! 




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